About www.mychemset.com

Like many people, I found my chemistry set to be one of the greatest influences in my life.

I spent endless hours doing experiments in my basement lab, and developed a lifelong interest in science that has improved my life personally and professionally.

I eventually went on to get an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, and I've been a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for over 35 years. Before I quit my full-time job to become an entrepreneur and freelance writer, I was a manager with Koch Engineering, a manufacturer of chemical process equipment.

My articles have appeared in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Progress, Science Books & Films, and many other publications. I am the author of more than 85 books including The Science in Science Fiction (Benbella).

I wanted there to be a place on the Web for people who similarly love their chemistry set, chemistry, science, and experimentation. Thus mychemset.com was born.


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